Ribbon – pendant light


The ribbon pendant light is designed from 2 extrusions – the first being the body or support form, the second is a ‘V’ shaped extrusion that is developed for reflecting the light from the LED strips to either the ceiling or to the floor.

The extrusions give flexibility so that the ribbon can be made into different sizes and shapes. These are 750mm square, 1500 X 750 rectangular shape and in a linear form – thus allowing the ribbon to be suitable for either domestic use (over coffee / dining tables / kitchen benches) to corporate fit-outs (meeting rooms / breakout / office).


With its simple lines, ribbon is both suitable for the home or workplace environment. There is also the ability to powdercoat the body a different colour to the ‘V’ light reflectors allowing customers to custom design the fitting to suit any environment.


Strip LED is used as the lighting source, with the strip on the top section to illuminate the ceiling, and the second strip on the underside for lighting either tables/ floor.

The use of the twin light strip allows for separate control of lighting – up light or down light or combination of the both. It also allows for different coloured LEDs to be used. Such as cool light for the down component and 3 colour LED for up lighting allowing for controllable colour variations.

Suspension of the fitting can be either an extruded support arm or on larger light forms via a clear power cord.

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