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The Takushi table is now part of a global furniture collection by Roethlisberger, a Swiss company who produces the product designs of world renowned architects such as John Pawson, Shigeru Bahn and Lord Norman Foster.

Designed to suit both commercial and residential applications, “Takushi’ means ‘table’ in Japanese. Originally designed for the annual Corporate Culture Design Journey Competition, the prototyped all timber design has evolved to include a metal leg and substructure that is suitable for both boardrooms and dining rooms. Due to the freestanding nature of the leg the table can be manufactured in a range of top sizes.

However it is the leg design that is the key to the flexibility of this product. It is a simple curved form that can be made from bent plywood or steel and is then attached to a timber bracing element under the table top. This means that the table top can be any size or shape required by the end user (as the top size is not restricted by the limitations of the table base). If desirable the interior of the leg can be stained or painted a highlight colour. Table tops can come in a variety of materials (timber veneer, laminated mdf, glass) with endless possibilities for the look and feel of the final (and again bespoke) product.

The Takushi table was first sighted by Mr Peters Roethlisberger on a visit to Australia, where he works with local supplier Anibou. Roethlisberger is global joinery company working for the likes of John Pawson, Shigeru Bahn and Lord Norman Foster and who also produces a furniture collection of exquisite detail and exceptional quality. This collection is updated every 3 years, and Mr Roethlisberger himself travels the world looking for pieces to expand the collection.

Mr Harris said “I had previously worked with Roethlisberger in Geneva and London on a significant workplace project for Merck Serono. When he visited Australia I showed him Takushi and he immediately loved it; he felt that a versatile table that was aligned with the quality and detail of the existing collection was what he was missing and Takushi filled that gap perfectly”.

Takushi was launched in Geneva at a workshop session held over 3 days. Mr Harris attended in person to present to his peers the inspiration and development behind the table, with Takushi being one of 5 new products launched this year. This is one of a number of products Mr Harris has designed as part of his portfolio and Takushi with be distributed throughout Europe and North America by Roethlisberger. The Takushi table is available in Australian through Corporate Culture and Anibou is the distributer of the Roethlisberger full collection in Australia.

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