White Collection

White Collection

The white collection of door hardware and accessories is design by Gavin Harris and manufactured by @llgood plc.

The collection consist of the following

  • Door lever handle
  • Door pull handles lengths (standard,600mm, 900mm + 1100mm)
  • Cupboard handle
  • Stop It! – Door stop range – Around, Bump, Saucer, Up, Curve, Egg, Big and Tall
  • Hanging – Coat hooks range- Party Handing a floor coat stand and Party Single – a wall mounted coat hook

The collection was developed to provide a homogeneous selection of products that could be used together and but also as singular items. The material selection has been restrained with Satin Stainless steel for the main elements and either satin white power coat for the handles and a machine grade plastic for the doorstop and hooks. The selection of white was to create a visual difference to other market product sand also for the clean and soft feel it provides.

The design of the pull handles with lengths (standard, 600mm, 900mm + 1100mm), are created by the simple use of creating extensions rails to be fitted to the base handle head detail, which is common to all. The door lever with separate lock, making locking suit simple to select, and the cupboard door furniture, match the style and softness of their larger cousins

Stop It! –door stops collection was developed different sized door stops to accommodate larger doors and spaces, allow the relation of the elements to match. The form of the door stops were to provide some humour to a rather standard item that is ignored in general working life, but provide valuable service protecting the wall.

Hanging – coat hooks, uses the same head design for both the wall mounted single coat hook and the floor multi-head coat stand – party hanging.

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