Takushi Table

The table design consists of a very simple top; of either timber veneered board with a square edge allowing for butting or joining tables together or a glass top bonded to a central timber fixing plate. The second element is the leg formed from bent plywood, constructed over a form and adhered together. A timber brace structure ties into the legs providing overall stability. Table shapes are square, round and rectangular.

The leg design has a rounded front and slightly taper’s to the base – mirroring the legs of the CH24 Wishbone chair, in plan the plywood curves back to create two parallel blades, mimicking the He said/She said chair in plan as well as material use.

The leg design allows for sharing over table junctions for expansion of tables for commercial use in meeting and boardrooms. As a high light the interior of the leg can be stained / painted a color, providing a modern twist.

The table has clean lines, a functional form and structure, with details creating interest at the leg junction. It is these simple features that will ensure that in any interior that it will be selected for it will become part of it’s use for a long time.


Product Design