Gavin Harris


Gavin Harris is Design Director of futurespace, an architectural and design consultancy in delivering environments of the future for workplace, education, childcare and healthcare environments.

Gavin’s design philosophy is that “interior design informs product design, and the reverse is also true”. He believes in the traditional role of the architect/designer who has a hand in every element of a project; including the architecture, the graphic treatment, the furniture, the accessories, the door hardware and more.

"When designing interiors for clients, I get to see what else the project needs – something that's fallen short - and so I look for the opportunity to develop a new product” he explains. "It's a complete and holistic story to have the practice of making these things and filling in the gaps of an interior". It is also his goal to invariably include an element of surprise in his work; a touch of the unexpected.

The interior projects he produces are tailor made to meet a client’s specific needs. And so the final outcome is always a result of working with a client to meet their brief whilst at the same time “bringing concepts to the fore that are beyond the client’s expectations”. Harris believes in a bespoke approach to many parts of his work, often using systems and componentry to create a new, tailored design solution.

As well as his product design, recent workplace design projects include McCann + CMG advertising, Jones Lang LaSalle, Microsoft, John Holland Constructions and Australian Institute of Management (AIM).